Bucket List Trip…Planning like a fool!

I am in crazy person planning mode now, since I have nothing else to plan right now. After a ridiculously successful DIY London/Paris trip, I am now setting my sights on DIY-ing this trip.

Right now my focus is Venice. We are flying in on July 22 so we have a few days to explore the city and I am trying to design my own walking tours and pre-purchase any tickets to attractions that I can. In London, you can pre-book just about everything so I am hoping I can find similar results in Venice.

Also looking for fun, not touristy restaurants. Venice can be crazy expensive.  Post cruise we are staying one night at the Hilton Molino Stucky.  A crazy beautiful hotel with a rooftop pool and spectacular views over Venice.  We are staying on points…see all that soccer travelling really does add up!  Still working on pre-cruise accommodations.


Photo from Hilton.com

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