SURPRISE! Birthday trip to London!

I am currently sitting at BWI waiting for my flight to London via Reykjavik on Wow Air. This was a surprise trip for my son turning 18 in December and it nearly killed me to keep it secret for nearly 2 months!! But we are finally on the way! I am going to try “live blogging” this trip so hopefully I won’t get behind.

To get us in the spirit (and since we have a 4 hour layover in Baltimore) we are hanging in a British pub at the airport…Firkin Pubs.

Not really sure how “British” it is, but the food is good, the beer is cold and it’s OK to sit here for 4 hours straight.

They do have a map of the Underground on

the wall and pretty good British inspired music playing. Sad to report that all the beers are American (with the very American exceptions of Stella and Yuengling). And there is basketball on instead of the compelling Watford/Swansea soccer match, but that could be on purpose too!!

They are not terribly busy at the moment, which may be why they are not super stressed about our extended stay!!

I will post again after I get through Wow’s check in…they have some very particular rules so we will see how it goes! First time using this ultra low cost carrier, hopefully it will be the best ever and I will fly to Europe all the time with them!!

Be back soon!

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