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Mommy Needs A Break!

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Wow Airlines…WOW!!

Check in at Wow was amazing! Could not have been easier! If you familiarize yourself with the baggage restrictions so there are no surprises, you will be fine!! Gate agent could not have been nicer!

BWI only has one small international terminal, but it is cute!! And empty!! They have this cute garden area for relaxing.

Beyond that, there is only one place to eat/drink, Passports. Adequate, not special. Service was friendly and professional.

Wow is super trendy, and fun. OD was a bit upset that we were not on a truly purple plane, we were onboard to London for $149 each way!

OD is 6’1″ tall and here is his legroom in the cheapest seats available:

I am 5’1″ tall and my leg room in the same row:

Flight attendants are beautiful and seem super friendly. I will let you know at the end!

Here we go!!

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