Day One – Just Keep Moving…don’t go to sleep!!

We landed in London just before 10am. Took the long walk to passport control and grabbed our bag from luggage check. We got on the Gatwick Express with our pre purchased tickets AND THEN WE WERE IN LONDON!!!

We checked into our hotel, The St. David’s hotel in Paddington and tried not to fall asleep knowing we had to get up at 5am to go to Paris in the morning. So we headed out.

I had done research on walking tours in London and knew that there was a tour called “Fire, Pestilence and Plague” scheduled for that afternoon.  We decided to grab some lunch and see if we could find the tour.

It could not have been easier to find the tour guide. This was through “Free Walking Tours of London” and the deal is you go to the specified tube stop and look for the green umbrella. So easy to find and we joined up with a bunch of folks from Argentina, Italy, Canada, and the United States.

I will do a full post when I get home, but here are some of the sites we saw on our 2-1/2 hour walk.


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