Viva Las Vegas…Part 3 (Strip Tour!)

As I may have mentioned, you can mostly walk from one end of the strip to the other, without ever setting foot outside…just travel from casino to casino through their connecting hallways and you never have to see the sun!  However, there is some spectacular sites to see if you do choose to venture outdoors.  Here are a few I took on our walk.  FYI – It was January when these pics were taken, so if you are looking for a reprieve from winter weather, Vegas has got you covered!


Caesars Palace


The Fountains at Caesars Palace


The Mirage


Siegfried & Roy statue at the Mirage


The Venetian


Inside the Venetian, with the sky painted on the ceiling


New York New York


Statue of Liberty made entirely of Jelly Bellies!!


And then back to the Bellagio just in time to watch the Fountains!!

Billie Jean

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

I thought that the fountains were absolutely amazing and stopped to watch them every single time they started up.  No matter where I was. I think my new dream job is to choreograph water!

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