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I Voted…Now I’m Leaving the Country!

Yep, I am.  And I don’t know the results of the election yet, so it has nothing to do with that.  It’s my mom’s 70th birthday this weekend and so she and I are spending it in Paris!!!  Both of us love this city and have been several times.  This will be a quick trip, only Wednesday to Sunday, but any day in Paris is a good day!

I also have the chance to see a friend that is living over there for school for the year so that will be neat also.  I am traveling without kids, dads, brothers, etc.  Just me and mom…I can’t wait!

We are staying in an apartment in the 4th, between the St. Paul and Bastille metro stops.  I really rarely use the metro in Paris, there is so much to see (and eat) that I prefer to walk most places.  We don’t really have any plans in place for this trip.  We have pretty much seen all the big tourist sites already.  We are thinking about maybe taking a day trip to Chantilly or Versailles since I have never been to either.  I haven’t had real good luck getting to Versailles (see previous posts!) so I don’t know if I want to push my luck on such a short trip this time. Plus, its cold in Paris right now so its not like I will be strolling Louis XIV’s gardens this time of year!

So while we have been to Paris in November in the past and always had great luck with the weather, you never know what you are going to get.  We may hope to see blue skies and clear days…

But we will be just as happy to see the inside of cozy patisseries and wine shops!  After all, it is still Paris!

Au revoir.  See you soon!

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