Freedom Sails…Day 2

Today is Monday, day two of our Freedom of the Seas cruise.  Today is a sea day, no ports.  We have some pretty cool things on tap today including an ice show…at sea!!! This was also the day where we met many more of those “over and above” staff members.  Ones that we would return […]


Freedom Sails

Well we went cruising again.  Before I even finished my review of the last cruise!  That’s not to say that I didn’t have enough time, I just get busy with life/kids/soccer/etc. and writing gets pushed down the list…oh, and I have a full time job too! So on Saturday, we piled the seven (yes, seven!) […]


Alluring Travel on the Open Sea…II

Trying to do a “quick” tour of the Allure of the Seas, is really an impossibility.  This is the largest ship on the water right now, getting around takes some planning…and comfortable shoes!  One of the new “wow” features of this class of ship is the boardwalk.  The back of the ship is open to […]