Freedom in the Med…The Chef’s Table

Our last full day on the boat. Never a day I look forward to.  This is the day you have to pack and put debark luggage tags on your bags, set them out in the hall, and hope you remembered to save at least one outfit to wear in the morning (don't laugh...I've worn jammies [...]


Even Here I Have to Cook for You…the Finale!

So I have returned from my week-long jaunt around the Western Caribbean on the enormous Allure of the Seas and I have plenty to share on that one, but let me finish up here first since I am sure you have nibbled your fingernails down to nubs waiting for the final chapter to this. If you've [...]

Even Here I Have to Cook for You… Interrupted

Well, I had hoped to get to the last part of this before I left for my next travel adventure, but life (and really mostly kids!) got in the way.  I will be on a cruise ship with no real internet access for the next week so the conclusion to my shopping/cooking alone in Paris while everyone [...]

Even Here I have to cook for you? (Part Deux)

With no real fanfare, I arrived in Paris...a day late. I had gotten in touch with my family and let them know about my travel troubles.  I usually take the train into Paris from the airport, but this time, I decided to get a cab and just get straight there.  Right, so a quick stop [...]

Even here I have to cook for you? (Part 1)

I was supposed to be the first one there.  I speak "the French" as my Aunt calls it, so I was supposed to meet the property manager and get us all checked in to the apartment we were staying in for our week in Paris.  The cast of characters for this trip includes me, my [...]