Conquest in the Caribbean…2

So now is is boarding day (if you need to catch up click here)!!  Having never cruised Carnival before I was not familiar with their boarding process, but really how different could it your ID, hand over your credit card, get your card, easy enough.  And it was.  With the possible exception of me [...]


Conquest in the Caribbean

Yay!!  A cruise with five great friends!'re all cancelling??  Okay...Yay!! A cruise all by myself!  Wait...Mom, you wanna go?? Okay...Yay!!! Me and Mom are going on a cruise!!  Yes...Me and Mom are going on a cruise!  No more changes!! So to back up a bit, some dear friends of mine were talking on Facebook [...]

Enchantment of the Seas…or “It’s not you, it’s me.”

On my last cruise in October on the Freedom of the Seas, I "donated" enough money in the casino to receive a certificate for a free future cruise.   There were a list of cruises that I could choose from or I could apply the value of the certificate to any  other cruise provided I [...]