About Soccer Mom

Wanna know what I eat when I travel? Check out my Food blog at Sibling Revelry

Looking for what I’m drinking?? Check out my wine blog: Busch League Wino

The Basics

  1. I am a mom (single mom actually)
  2. I have boys (2)
  3. Those boys play soccer
  4. I love to travel

So based on those points, it is safe to assume that I have very few weekends free.  It is also safe to assume that if you are my family and you are reading this…gasoline gift cards are always welcome!   Also, most of my travelling has to take place either over the summer (too hot for soccer here in the South), or in between the Fall and Spring seasons (commonly called the Holiday Season), roughly from Thanksgiving to New Year’s.

In addition, we travel to many exotic locations for various soccer tournaments.  Some of them even have running water!

I live in Charlotte, NC.  I like to think of it as a small town that wants to be a big city, but I was born and raised in the Washington, DC area, so its still quaint to me.  I’m a show tunes junkie and I love to sing at the top of my lungs on car rides, a fact that my kids have finally just accepted. And I’m a pretty fantastic home cook with gourmet tendencies, my school lunches are the envy of the school cafeteria!

I will write about anything and everything here.  My purpose for this blog is really just to be a better writer and share some fun stories because my memory is not the greatest and I want to hold on to all the fun and foibles that have blessed my life.

Thanks for visiting!

3 responses to “About Soccer Mom”

  1. Looks like it needs some updating. Especially the “Cruise With Dad” thing!!


    “M” – as you call me.

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